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About Art Brushes

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Aside from finger painting, people normally use brushes to paint. They come in all shapes and sizes. Also, the material that composes the brushes vary. The photo featured here are some of the brushes that I own. Some of them I have been using longer than others. I personally prefer the relatively medium length brushes. There is a reason why the brushes are long. They do not function like pencils. They are designed that way to keep your hand from smudging the wet paint. The hair of the brushes vary, from artificial to animal hair. There should also be brushes made of human hair. It would be interesting to see an artist paint with her own hair. The handle these days is either made of wood, or some sort of polymer plastic. Wood is at least biodegradable. 

The irony being that trees have to die to form wooden brushes. The concept of paintbrushes is as old as time itself. Ancient Egyptians used them. Nothing else needs to be said. The shape of the brush also influences the application of the paint. I suggest you try the brush a bit, in a practice page, before applying it on the canvas. You do not want to use it, and then hate how it is coming out. Practically all painting vendors have their own line of paint brushes. For professional level, there is Winsor and Newton. If you are on a shoe string budget, I suggest US Art Supplies. The brushes featured in the photo are from US Art Supplies. They get the job done, nothing else needs to be said. With brushes, as long as they do what they are supposed to, there is no need to go crazy about them. If the inexpensive brushes work for you, then kudos.