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About Clay

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Clay is something that I used to enjoy playing with when I was a little girl. I am now more of a painting sort of fellow, but it is good to return to clay from time to time. Humans were crafted from clay and given life to by God. So, I guess messing with clay is just second nature to us. I never met a little kid who did not enjoy playing with clay. Just sculpting it, and molding it into a specific shape… It is an indescribable feeling of accomplishment. Even when it looks terrible, it is still enjoyable. This is the reason why I included clay as part of my roster. I hope to find more usable clays in the near future. For children’s clay, it is best to buy from Crayola. They are the go to brand for kid friendly stuff. There is also Sculpey and Fimo clays. Both have artist grade and student grade sets. The clays offered here are of two types. They can be air dried and they can be oven backed. Whatever you prefer. Artsy Sister has a set just for you.