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About Acrylic Paint

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Acrylic paint is a relatively new medium of paint. New as in, the grand scope of painting history. It was invented in the 1930s in Mexico, though not everyone will admit it. If you ask anyone from anywhere, they will say that Acrylic was invented in their country and technically they would be right. Acrylic is any type of synthetic pigment that dries relatively fast. Not as fast as watercolors, but not as slow as oil paints. The lifespan of acrylics is still technically unknown. Oil paints have been known to last around 500 years or so. Temperas, watercolors and Gouache also have plenty of longevity. As of now, acrylics have been holding just fine. It is the favorite painting medium on the market. It is for this reason that people enjoy painting with them a lot. Just about all the artists that I know paint with acrylics. I have done quite the number of acrylic paintings. They where mostly front cover for my Chibi Bible. It is the Bible, but with Chibies. It is called the Chiblia. I also did a painting for my poetry books and my short story series. The short stories are still in the woodworks. As long as I have more stories to write, then the book is not technically done. For now, enjoy this wonderful selection of acrylic paints. They come in both sets and in individuals.