About Mixed Media Paper

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There is nothing better than mixed media. I normally combine medias all the time. I do ink, and markers and the like, and watercolor mixed with ink and the like. Mixed media is more common now, than in the old days. Painters and illustrators were purist with their mediums. Pencils would never touch paint, and vise versa. Now, the final results of your work is all crazy and creative. As of late, I have been mixing glitter with my acrylics. It combines well with the acrylic varnish. Well, this is mostly about the mixed media paper. The one I feature is the Strathmore mixed media paper. It works well with markers and watercolors as well. I have been using it for in between chapter images and the like. It works well with landscapes and the like. Then again, Strathmore is the only company I know that actually deals with mixed media papers. Most of the other companies are purist like that. As far as paper is concerned, I always trust Strathmore. They are just that freaking awesome. I hope you find it useful and the like. The featured image is an imaginary landscape I made. The scenery was made with markers. They sky was made with acrylics and the like. I hope you find it adorable. I think the best thing I drew was actually the water. I putted a lot of effort on it. So, if you like mixed media, Strathmore is your go to brand for that type of paper.