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About Oil Paint Tubes

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Oil painting is one of the oldest mediums on the market. As of late, it has been overshadowed by acrylics. Still, paintings who actually went to school prefer oils over all other mediums. Oil is one of the most forgiving mediums on the market. If you make a mistake, you can gingerly paint over it. The paint stays wet for months on end. People can just work with the same painting for years till it looks just right. Oil painting was first used in Afghanistan. They used it to paint on walls and to decorate their shields. It eventually made its way to Europe around the 1400s. Most Europeans say that Jan van Eyck invented oil painting. The true inventor of European oil paint is apparently Theophilus Presbyter. He wrote a Latin book relating to medieval painting and other artforms. He included the instructions of how to create the oil paints.

The book was first written between the 1100s and 1120s. The book eventually became popular around the time when Jan van Eyck started painting with oils. Years later, some historian started making up stuff, and he attributed the invention of oil painting to Van Eyck. Anyhow, Van Eyck was one of the earliest fellows to make cool oil paintings. The popularity of oil painting started to fade after the 1940s. As of now, Acrylic is king. Oil paintings requires a lot more skill to manage. Also, it requires varnishing to protect the final result. Working with acrylics is just cheaper. Still, oil paintings have a longer, richer history of successes. If you are interesting in learning how to work with oils, try an introductory set by Winsor and Newton. If you are working on a budget, do try US Art Supply. I have plenty of different sets for you, both for professional and novice painter. It doesn’t hurt to try out a new medium of painting.