About Gouache

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Gouache is a type of watercolor paint. It is quite common in the world of fashion. A lot of fashion designers find it useful to paint with gouache. Gouache was invented 600 years ago. Both gouache and watercolor paints can be used together easily and both are made through very similar processes. The main difference is how the paints dry. Lighter pigments of gouache tend to dry stronger, and darker tones dry lighter. There is also a new variety of gouaches that uses acrylic as a base. In artsy sister, we have a bunch of different grades of gouache. We have both professional and novice gouaches. If you are looking for novice grade gouache, there is US Art Supply. For other types, we have Winsor and Newton. I hope you find this selection useful in your artistic endeavors. Also, if you are only doing fashion design, this collection of gouaches should help you as well. Any type of creative illustrations has value as far as I am concerned.