About Robert Kaufman

It is not too often that a brand is named after a person. Usually, it is a last name or a made up word or phrase. There are some exception to this general trend and this is one of them. From the name alone, you would not guess that this brand deals with Fabrics. Still, here we are. Just who is Robert Kaufman anyway? Apparently, he was born in 1899 Russia. He eventually settled in New York. Like most people who came to the US, he wanted to make a better life for himself and his family. He started making his money by creating a company that focused on menswear known as Meadow Park Clothes. His company went the way of the Dodo when the stock market crashed in 1929. He continued struggling on. Around 1942, the company that exists today came into existence. Despite his newfound success, he was forced to move again in 1944. The bad airs from New York were bad for his middle son, who was suffering from asthma.

To preserve his son’s life, Kaufman moved to Los Angeles. Around the 1950s, Robert Kaufman was unable to tend to the company. Under his sons’ management, the company moved from men’s suits to a solely focus in the development of fabrics. His sons Saul and Alvin created a line of velvets and seersuckers. They also added to the mix chiffons and satins acquired from Japan. Over the years, they changed their focus to the industry of quilting. As of now, the company is still being managed by both the Kaufman sons. They are also training a new generation that will manage the company once Alvin passes away. As for the products themselves, Robert Kaufman makes fabrics and quilting products. Quilting is quite the vogue in the US. The people have a rich tradition of making quits that are added upon each generation. I learned about this quilting tradition from the Simpsons. Anyhow, if you just want to make a dress or a quilt, this Robert Kaufman collection will have everything you need.