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About Photography


This is a nice collection of cameras. I normally rely a lot on my camera to make my drawings. It is just easy to take a photo of a pose and then sketch it, than to go looking for a model. When photography first came into existence people did not treat it as an artform. These days the role of photography in art is still a bit sketchy. There are artsy photos, for sure, but most of the time people take photos recreationally. In the old days, cameras were super expensive. It was considered a luxury to have your own photo album. Now, everyone takes photos, and they store them online. The whole real world photo album thing is relegated to something grandmothers do. Then again, I only know of hobbies on this side of the Atlantic ocean. Some people might still do the whole photo album thing. 

It is for this reason I included Polaroid in the mix. All the cameras featured in this collection I have used at some point in the past. The first camera I used was a Leica. We used it to take all our old family photos. In the US, I later played a bit with a Polaroid camera. As of now, the main one I am using is a Fujifilm camera. It has all the desired specks I am looking form. The rest featured here are Go Pro and the Canon Cameras. Some of the camera brands also include stuff for physical world album purposes. Of these types you have the Polaroid and the Fujifilm. Both print photos as soon as you take them. Some sets even include the photo albums, as well as extra prints. If you are looking for quality cameras, this is the collection for you.