About US Art Supply

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US art Supplies was founded in 1974. They have one of the largest selections of anything and everything art related. My current art kit was bought from this brand. I can tell you that the notebooks, the paintbrushes and the acrylics are topnotch. For the price, it is perfect for those who are starting to paint. I do not dabble much in painting, but it is fun to try it every so often. If you are curious about painting and do not desire to spend much, get from US Art Supply. Their headquarter is in San Diego California. My first painting set I got from this company. Aside from art skits, this company sells more specific items. They also sell airbrush sets. Airbrush is an interesting way to apply paint. This company also sells the machines that work with airbrushes. The airbrush paints are all acrylic based. Acrylic is the name for any type of paint that are not oil, tempera or watercolor based. These are usually synthetic pigments. All their products are pretty cheap. When I saw cheap, I mean affordable. They are not too expensive, and it is good for painters working on a budget. They also have kits for people who prefer to draw. The drawing kit is rather useful and the like.