About Kuretake

Kuretake is one of the oldest art supply in Japan. It was founded in 1902. They started making sumi inks and brushes. Now, they make other types of normal brushes. Sumi brushes are similar to watercolor brushes. They are made of thick bamboo, and have soft hair brushes. They should be wet into a fine tip. Oriental brushes have slowly been growing in popularity, with all the Westerners into anime and the Japanese language. Aside from Japan, Kuretake has offices in England and in Sacramento. Aside from art pens, they also make brush pens for calligraphy. Calligraphy is the ever decaying art of writing legibly with your pen. Computers have been slowly killing the artform. Public schools also help too. I used to write in fancy cursive till my teachers complained about it, so I had to dumb down my writing. I got a bit off track. So, yeah, Kuretake, great pen company.