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About Gel Pens

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There is nothing like the feel and control of a proper gel pen. The way the ink hits the paper, it is an indescribable feeling. I first saw gel pens when I was in middle school. I saw a real nice set, and I got it. I liked those pens so much that I rarely used them. It is a bit silly now that I think about it. As of late, I have been getting back into drawing with gel pens. Very few people bother to have finished drawings using gel pens as part of their main roster. They work well, specially the sparkly gel pens. They add a nice effect that is captured well when you use a flash when taking the photo of your drawing. For gel pens, I recommend Sakura. Sakura is mostly known for her Pigma Micron pen line. Still, this brand has produced other types of art supplies including gel pens. Above you see the one set that I own. I am just trying it out, on all my new drawings. I hope you find this selection useful.