About Bazic

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Bazic is a US company that works with factories all over the world. They produce school products and office supplies. As with most things, there is a fine line between office products and art supplies. I find myself using time and time again, Bazic lead and even mechanical pencils to draw. What something calls itself matters not. All it matter is how the artist chooses to use it. Bazic has been producing its wares since 1998. They are headquartered in Los Angeles California. They sell to retails all over the Americas. Aside from retailers, you can find their products in College Bookstores, and of course here as well. I was first introduced to Bazic via their mechanical pencil lead. I wanted to buy pencil lead without buying a new mechanical pencil. I found the lead in a local dollar store. I have been making good use of this lead since then. Aside from mechanical pencils, there are the usual color pens and gel pens. I like gel pens. Some of my early stick figures were made with gel pens. The point is that one has to start somewhere and gel pens is the right way to go. Sure, the drawing will not be masterwork, but at least the gel pens will be pleasing to the eye.