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I made some new backgrounds for doll theater. I finally used my last project board. I need to come up with a funny skit for my Wednesday episode. I do not even know why I do the episodes on a Wednesday. I normally do the stop motion on a Tuesday. The production line takes about a day. This is why I can only upload the video by Wednesday. I do the voices and my brother does the piano. We try to do something of an original type of music. I do not even know why. It is best to avoid...

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I was making a new background for Doll Theater. As you know, I have about 4 project boards. In order to get more backgrounds out of them, I am now painting both sides. The outside has the rougher painting. and the inside the stuff I want to keep secured. When it came to the final project boards, I had to work on logistics. So far, I have two types of backgrounds. I have a background and a middle ground. Due to the size of the project board, I painted two scenes. There is one on the top and another on...

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I finally got around to painting the sun. I am using my those project boards on either side. I think need to come up with some new exterior backgrounds. I am trying to keep the backgrounds as generic as possible. I am not good with the building part. I am at least good with the background thing. I think the next one I need to paint is a rural and a cityscape background. Hopefully it will come up decent. The backgrounds have a middle unifying element. Due to the size of the project board, I can do a different top...

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Most folks just stick to classical white pouring painting backgrounds. It is just easy to work with. White paint is like super cheap. Sometimes you see black backgrounds, but not often other colors. I mainly used black backgrounds for these sets of acrylic pouring paintings. They where useful for making the colors stand out. Colors tend to look a bit more muted when placed against white backgrounds.   So, if you are working with patterns a black, or any other colorful background might be useful. This time, I did not do a video tutorial.   I am not a big...

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I recently felt like doing some pouring paintings. I was so happy to try that artform again, that I also did a few video tutorials. I wanted to show the voices in my head that I knew how to do pouring painting properly. I did about 7 videos. I actually made more paintings than videos. During the last video, my camera almost suffered an accident. I decided that recording pouring paintings was a little too dangerous for my camera. I then decided to not record the other 5 paintings that I made.   You get the gist of the pouring...

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