About Adora

I was thinking about what type of dolls to add to the store. I have a lot of dolls selling art supplies, so I figured why not sell dolls as well. This is when I thought of Adora. The dolls are pretty interesting enough. They come in baby form and toddler style. They are meant for small children.

For more information, do not forget to read the entire description of the product you want to buy. Aside from the pretty dolls, Adora offers a lot of doll accessories. You can get a decent enough of different attires for your pretty dolls. The dolls are said to be Award Winning. They were safety tested, and 100 percent machine washable.

This is useful since little kids are known to be rather dirty. They always drop their toys in the mud, or get them full of sand. You then need to clean then up. Anyhow, I am a little bit distracted around the edges. I hope you find these cute little dolls useful for your little bundles of joy. I hope you are safe, and happy, wherever you happen to be.