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About Barbie Dolls

artsy sister, Margot Robbie as Barbie, Barbie

Barbie dolls were one of the first dolls I ever owned. I used to have a nice collection, but then I gave it away to a toddler, toy story style. Years later, I regret my decision. The brat was not even related to me, or nothing. I sometimes wonder about all my past decisions, and whether they even mattered or not.

There is a lot of stuff I gave away, that I now wish I had on my person. I suppose it is normal for a person to go through a nostalgia phase. You start looking back, and thinking nonsense. The first Barbie I owned, I obtained it as a gift from an evil aunt my family no longer talks to.

It is all a long story as all. Anyhow, the Barbie came with glitter. One could customize her dress, and the dress was reversible. I never got to customize mine. Mother got ahead of me, and did it for me. It is pretty common that parents end up playing more with the toys, than the actual kids.

The long and short of it, is that I decided to add Barbies to the art store. This store is already 15 percent a toy store. Why not add more dolls to increase that percentage? For those not familiar with Barbie, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! Just kidding. The dolls were made by Mattel in 1959.

The Barbie doll was created by Ruth Handler. These dolls were pretty popular for like 50 years or so. Still, I hear the sales have not been too awe inspiring since the late 2014. Not that it matters much to me. I want to have Barbies in my store, and so I shall. As I said before, I never have in my store something that I would not consider buying.  

The entire collection of Barbies have the modern day dolls, with varying body types, and the old vintage types. I hope you find my selection of Barbie Dolls entertaining, and useful for your kid’s birthday party or something.

It took a while to create this collection because I add products one at a time. There is a bulk addition option, but I don’t like having products that are about to run out. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Still, times change as all, and don’t forget I am a one pony show. I try my best.