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About How to Draw

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This is a collection of how to draw books. I collected drawing books for anime, comics, fashion and regular drawing. I mainly focus on pencil drawings. I did not bother to collect anything on digital art. Drawing is mostly a hand related action. What you learn on paper can be easily applied to the computer world. Mainly, I focuses on the basics and more advanced practices. For more gimmicky aspects, I collected a couple of books that focused on drawing animals and also monsters. Some focus mainly how to manage color. Most people do not get how the color wheel is supposed to work. They also do not manage to mix properly.

The photo I took focuses on the books I used to draw. They are mainly tutorials. Others are a couple of sourcebooks. It saves a lot of time as far as rendering drawings are concerned. When picking these books, I tried to keep them within the affordable range. You will not go broke as you expand your skills and your knowledge. If you like both classical and comic style drawings this is the collection for you. It is never to late to learn how to draw. I should know cause I learned from books and not from going to art school. Whatever skill I wish to learn, I just get the respective book and never look back. It is a long and arduous path, but if you keep at it you can master any type of drawing style of your choosing.