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About Drawing Ink

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I did have plenty of drawing inks and the like. Recently, I decided to update the collection. I have both calligraphy and drawing inks. It seemed like a good idea to group both together. I have both individual bottles and complete sets. If you like feather quills, I have a couple you can get.

All in all, it seemed like a good a time as any to add a photo and a brief description. I am not too familiar with the ink medium. IT feels a little bit messy for me. I do have a quill and ink set. I thought it was black ink, but it turned out to be red. I wrote some of my last poems with them.

I have not felt like writing poetry in an eternity or two. I just prefer longer works as all. I am also as of lately more interested in drawing as all. The internet back at home has been a little spotty at best. This is just my long winded way of expanding the length of my ramblings.

This reminds me. As far as ink is concerned, Liquitex and Winsor & Newton are both great brands. I have some other known brands as well. I think this is just about it as far as description of collections go. The photo I have above is of the set that I own. I hope you find it useful and informative.