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You do not need Kindle Unlimited to Get this Offer. As you can see, I am a prolific writer. I do not stick to just one type of genre. I have done children’s books, mangas, political fiction, horror books, short stories, poems and fantasy novels. I am not trying to find my writer’s voice. All of my books represent all the different aspects of my inner world. I can be childish, epic, or pretty scary at times. It is all a reflection of the hard life I have lived. The world hasn’t been kind to Teresita Blanco. It took many...

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On the weekend, I developed a little book review for my own work. Instead of waiting for others to review my stuff, I decided to take a proactive approach. The review is not too long. I don’t want to spoil the entire plot of the book. If I do, then there will be no point to reading it. While making the review, I came up with a little funny joke. I hope you find the funny element in the review amusing. The book I used for the video is the actual print version. I own a copy of all my...

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I decided to feature a bit some of the best raw pages I made of my “SCARY CAT: AND THE SEARCH FOR THE OOOOHHH” book. Think of them as a bit of a sampler to the rest of the book. If you are interested, you can get it in Amazon in both print and kindle. I even got it translated to Spanish. The featured page is little Filipa traveling on her tricycle. She is going to visit the treehouse of one of her friends. I made the tree and the house with cute Kawaii faces. As for the sun, it...

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I was waiting a bit for the print version. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for Amazon to get around to that. A couple of months ago, I completed a short story book. All the stories were based on silly dreams. It usually takes a couple of years to dream up something interesting. At the moment, it is raining cats and dogs. I have been thinking of getting like a real day job. I would not have to if people like you would cooperate a bit. We all know the gig. Just make things a little bit easier for...

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I finally got around making the front cover for Deasura. She is part of my Saturnastra series. Each book is named after the protagonist. She is going to be about the 9th book. Even I cannot believe I wrote so much on the same subject. Usually, certain things tend to grow thin. In the end, switching protagonist helped to keeps things lively. This book takes place by the coast. There will be a couple of navy battles as well. The main girl is a priestess and an incidental summoner. She calls forth some forgotten Gods to battle in her stead....

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