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Read book:  The Sacred Mask - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Today, I wanted to discuss the types of intelligent lifeforms that inhabit the Sacred Mask book. While Planet Earth only has humans, the world of Deimos has many different creatures. The first character featured in the book is the Little Ogre Caron. He is a halfling, with the Ogre blood being the strongest. This grants him regenerative abilities, and a strong tolerance for pain. He also does magic, but magic is not limited to one specific lifeform. My book also has dragons...

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To Read the Book:  The Sacred Mask - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ The spinal cord of any fantasy book is magic. The first spell I introduce in the book is the humble Sleep Spell. It is one of the most underrated spells of all time. The White Magus Caron had two variations of the sleep spell. He could either make you fall asleep or keep you from sleeping. In the war, the sleep deprivation spell was useful for neutralizing enemy Mages. Most people become delirious if they fail to sleep for 3...

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Read Trilogy: The Sacred Mask (3 book series) Kindle Edition ( Early in the development of the Sacred Mask book, I planned for chess to play an important role. I grew up playing chess. I wasn’t very good at it, but I had fun. I even played online, back when the website Instant Chess existed. The first book focuses on the Pawn or Peon. The Peon is the lowliest of all chess pieces, but it is full of potential. The Peon in the front cover is the Arch Magus and Crown Prince Helmer. Despite being so powerful, I gave him the...

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To Get the Book: Scary Cat and Birthday Mime - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Children Kindle eBooks @ This is another one of the raw pages from my Scary Cat book. These days drawing or publishing books is a bit of a hobby. If it is not an item description for a Dark Souls weapon, nobody is interested in reading it. It is interesting to see the way the world is going. Well…books had a pretty good run. I even doubt if you are even reading what I am writing underneath this cute drawing. Sigh…it is hard to...

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This is one of the raw pages from my new Scary Cat book. The first part of the book features a bunch of fun activities one can do in a birthday. I tried to keep it all varied. In this page, they are just playing hide and seek. It is a kid’s birthday party after all. If you look in the background, you will see the birthday mime. It is the first time he appears officially in the book plot. I thought it would be funny to have him as a background character. In the foreground, there is the birthday...

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