About Pro-Art

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Pro-Art is another interesting pencil suppliers. It has excellent pencil sets for a modest price. Pro-Art has pencils for both expert sketchers and novice artist. The company also provides sketchpads, erasers and pencil sharpeners. As far as drawing is concerned, Pro-Art is a good brand to buy from. From Pro-Art, I have made use of their hardbound sketchbooks. The medium width paper is good for drawing on both sides of the paper. This is good when dealing with colored pens, which tend to bleed through thinner papers. Pro-Art also has chalk pastels. I used these pastels in one of my early art classes to make a copy of a Willem De Kooning painting. My art teacher used to like for students to try to mimic what she considered masterworks. As far as De Kooning is concerned, I beg the differ.