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About Sewing

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Since I was a little person, I was interested in learning how to sew. I never learned. I came to the US before I picked up the skill. With most things, I was not able to acquire the skill. I was living in the poor house for a good portion of my life. Naturally, I had other things to worry about than one of my childhood hobbies. All this is sunset, sunrise. Business is picking up. So, things are looking bright. I feel optimistic. So, this is the long and short as to why I included a sewing section. Most people do not have sewing in their crafting section. Craft is defined as anything you make with your hands. Sewing falls under that category. Before I tell you more about the products, I want to explain a couple of things about sewing and tapestries. In the US, clothing is not copyrighted. Clothing is treated as a utilitarian thing.

The thing that does enjoy copyright protection are prints, and fabric designs. So, before you go crazy redesigning the wheel, keep these things in perspective. There is still plenty of laws regarding dresses and so forth. I am not going to bother too much to dig them up. Each country does its own thing, and that is dandy. If you want to take fashion design seriously, do bother to look it up. If you are a hobbyist, all these little issue have nothing do with you. Anyhow, for sewing I collected sewing machines, in addition to fabrics and thread. I also took care to look for buttons, and zippers. I also found a bit of Velcro for people who like to make doll clothing. With the fabrics, I did not limit myself to just printed fabrics. It took quite a bit of time to collect this large variety of sewing products. It is my hope you find it useful, for your sewing projects.