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16" Pink


About Reborn Baby Dolls

I was thinking of adding baby dolls to the store. It was then when I remembered the Reborn dolls. They are a type of art doll made from a kit. The artists transforms it in a way to make it resembled an actual human baby. The creators of the doll call it reborning, and the creators of the dolls are called reborners.

It all sounds a bit like nonsense to me. Regardless, these are high quality baby dolls, for your little baby or bored adult sibling who is still into dolls. The reborn dolls are a good tool for making your kid used to the idea of having a baby brother, or sister. The creation of reborn dolls started in the early 1990s, in the United States.

The hobbyist wanted more realistic baby dolls. The dolls come in either plastic or vinyl. So, if you like collecting reborn dolls, then Artsy Sister is the place for your to visit. I hope you find the realistic baby doll that you so desire. I hope it brings you almost as much happiness as the real thing.