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About BJD Dolls

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Over the last couple of days, I have been building up the ball joint doll collection. It makes sense considering a lot of things. I sell art supplies using a doll as a mascot. Why not sell dolls as well? The website is already super girly. Going the doll way seems like the next logical option.

The formation of this collection took quite a bit. I did my best to find decent dolls and doll clothing. The bulk of the lot are handmade. This makes this collection slightly on the pricy side. Still, I did my best to find items that would work for all levels. For those that do not know, ball joint dolls are a thing in Japan and beyond.

Their sizes range from 1/12 to 1/3. Most of them tend to be females, as it is the trend with most dolls around the world. Still, I did manage to find some handsome douche dolls. I hope you can appreciate the effort I went through or whatever. There are also a couple of raw supplies for people that actually know what they are doing.

You can get a completed doll, or individual parts to form your own unique masterpiece. These dolls are a peg higher in quality than the average Barbie. So, if you are a grown fellow who plays or collects dolls I have BJDs just for you. Artsy Sister over and out.