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About Tea Sets

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When I was wee small, I used to enjoy playing with my tea set a lot. The old tea set is long gone. Still, I do keep a miniature one. The featured photo is my newest bear tea set. It is ironic, considering the fact that I really do not care much for tea. I think it is terrible. I never drank a tea that I liked. I tried both ice and hot tea, and neither satisfied me. Warm tea was also terrible too.

I started hating actual tea when I was in middle school. Sometimes instead of water, all they gave the kids was ice tea. I had to swallow that viscous substance or risk dying of thirst. Now, back to the tea set. It is just one of the many bizarre cute products that I am going to be adding in the near future. I thought it was a nice change of pace, from my regular production line. If you are into tea, I hope you find these cute sets useful. If you prefer pretend tea, I have plenty of sets to cater to the imaginative child or nutcase.