About Paperclay

The brand Paperclay deals with non-toxic clays. They can be sculpted and molded. All of it are air drying. Once it dries it can be carved and sanded. It is good for artists and modelers. On a whole, paper clay is any type of clay that has some type of fiber. Most of the paper clays have paper in the mix. Terracota, porcelain and bone china can be turned into paper clay. The more stuff you add to the clay body, the stronger the unfired clay will become. Still, the body will become weaker when fired. Those who use soft clay, can mold paper clay in the same fashion. Physically, paper clay and soft clay work just about the same way. Larger works can be done with dry, or somewhat dry paper clay. If you wet it, the process of making the clay playable is faster than with other types of clay. Damp parts can be bonded together. This clay is also useful for beginners. You do not need to have plenty of skills to work with it. This clay is also useful for repairing cracks and breaks on other types of clays.