About Janome

Janome is one of the world’s largest producers of Sewing Machines. They are made in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. The company was founded in 1921, in Japan. They mainly sold sewing machines to the US. As such, they have their own little headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey. They make all their machines in the same factories. The name of the company means Snake’s Eyes. The reason for the name is because the bobbins reminded the founder of a snake’s eye. As of now, they sell sewing machines to more than 100 different countries around the world. I added this brand of Sewing machines because I wanted to add sewing products. It seemed rather useful at the time. This is not the only brand of Sewing machines I have. Rather, it is the only one that had enough products for me to bother making a collection. I hope you find this entire selection useful in your sewing projects.