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About Drawing Tablets

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Tablets comes in two forms. There are those who are their own type of computers. These are touch screens and they come with their own pens to draw on them. Many companies have their own line of tablets. There are others who have computers that have tablet capabilities. The new Surface Pro is like two computers in one. It is like a combiner type of robot. You can detach the screen and use it like its own tablet. The other type of tablets are like a drawing surface. The Wacom tablet works with just about any type of computer. It is like a computer drawing pad. It comes with its own pencil, and you can program shortcuts. This is the ideal tool for people who want a drawing computer, but do not want to pay drawing computer money. It functions just dandy with photoshop and many other different types of programs. All in all, we sell drawing tablets. I hope you find my selections useful for your digital art endeavors.