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Today, I did a photoshoot focusing on my male dream valley doll. He is a bit of a big boy. It makes it difficult for me to find him proper clothing. So, I just changed up the shirt and wig.   It isn’t a big change, but he at least looks different. Early in the photoshoot, I was using a mask prop.   When the background set fell, the mask prop landed on his face. I panicked for a second.   I cleaned the smudge mark as best I could. Now, it just looks like a very light mini scratch....

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In celebration of Spring, I decided to do a lighthearted photoshoot. I went for the Wizard of Oz theme. I focused it only on Dorothy and the Scarecrow. I was able to get the Scare Crow outfit.   One of the ballerina outfits of my Odette doll resembled the blue, plaid outfit of Dorothy.   Since the pieces were there, I did a two doll photoshoot.   The first part of the photoshoot focused on one doll at a time.   I then tried to pose them together. This is easier said than done.   Both dolls have different heights...

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Today, I got around to doing a new bjd doll photoshoot. I tried to keep things simple because I didn’t have a lot of time to make this photoshoot. I had to move a lot of furniture. We were getting rid of my brother’s old bed and replacing it with a new one.   WE didn’t buy a new bed per say. Rather, we threw out the old bed and changed it out for the bed in the guestroom.   WE haven’t had guests in quite longtime. The idea of a guest sleeping over isn’t all that appealing.   So,...

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Today, I did a solo bjd doll photoshoot. I finally got around to changing the look of my Blue Fairy bjd doll. The wings pose a big challenge when dressing the doll. I can only have her wear two-piece outfits. Dresses require some lateral, fourth dimensional thinking.   I will deal with it when I deal with it. On the meantime, I wanted to show you how great she looks with her new jean and shirt combination.   The butterfly jeans combine well with her wings. I chose a short silver wig because it made her look cool.   The...

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Today, I wanted to do a simple bjd doll photoshoot. I decided to make it art themed. Here, you can see my Bebe doll with some of my paintings. Her dress is Dollmore. I was using my legit paintings for some of the background props.   I also added some nesting dolls that I painted a while back. The palette and the brush are the things I use to develop watercolor painting.   All in all, I was trying to convey an artist studio type of feel. I just didn’t want to make her a regular student.   That would...

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