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Today, I wanted to do a nice photoshoot featuring my vampire bjd doll Candice, and two other cuties. It is basically two photoshoots combined into one. In the first one, I have Candice interact with my smallest bjd doll.   Ange kinda looks like the doll of the vampire cutie. Ange is light enough for Candice to carry. This provides different photo opportunities.   She kinda looks like a cute little baby. Ange has the most outfits of all my bjd dolls.   She is the same size as a Chelsea Barbie doll, so finding outfits that fit her is...

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Read book:  The Sacred Mask - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Today, I wanted to discuss the types of intelligent lifeforms that inhabit the Sacred Mask book. While Planet Earth only has humans, the world of Deimos has many different creatures. The first character featured in the book is the Little Ogre Caron. He is a halfling, with the Ogre blood being the strongest. This grants him regenerative abilities, and a strong tolerance for pain. He also does magic, but magic is not limited to one specific lifeform. My book also has dragons...

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Today arrived my new Doll Chateau doll. She was in stock in Denver Doll Emporium. The dolly arrived pretty quickly. So, that is a plus, considering that this doll was an impulse buy. The real name of the doll is Eunice. I needed a fairy doll to add to my collection. As of lately, I have been leaning towards fantasy themed dolls. The doll came with everything, except the body blushing. Not that it matters much, since the outfit covers most of her body. The wings and the heels came painted, so that is fun. The position of the wings...

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To Read the Book:  The Sacred Mask - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ The spinal cord of any fantasy book is magic. The first spell I introduce in the book is the humble Sleep Spell. It is one of the most underrated spells of all time. The White Magus Caron had two variations of the sleep spell. He could either make you fall asleep or keep you from sleeping. In the war, the sleep deprivation spell was useful for neutralizing enemy Mages. Most people become delirious if they fail to sleep for 3...

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Today, I did a nice bjd doll photoshoot featuring my vampire doll Candice. She looks more like a ghost girl, than a vampire. It works just as well. I wanted to have a creepy looking bjd doll, and she fits the bill. For this photoshoot, I feature her with my oldest bjd dolls.   It is amassing how this doll collection thing started. Well, it is not as if I want to travel anywhere. I am quite comfortable in my house.   I jazzed up a bit the backgrounds. The original one was just green and boring. Everything becomes far...

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