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I got some new bjd doll outfits. It was a random lucky bag. I didn’t get to chose what was inside. It is what you expect of a bargain deal from Dollmore. The good news is that I finally figured out the dress size for my elf bjd doll. The boots seem to fit him pretty alright. The skirt and the shirt also look nice on him as well. To compliment the skit, I added the purple wig. I think he came out pretty nice looking. I am not picky about what my dolls wear. What is important is that...

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In some parts of the world, it is winter. So, I decided to do a winter spring photoshoot. The doll has the colors of springs, but she is dressed for the winter. She looks positively adorable in her cute pink outfit. The cape with ribbons also provides extra protection from the elements. As you can tell, I like the color pink a lot. It is a pity that there are not a lot of pink bjd doll outfits out there. I must make do with what I have. There are some things that cannot be helped. Let us move things...

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A new dress arrived for my Coral Reef bjd doll. This was the clown outfit of one of their dolls. I was in the mood to get a new bjd doll. Since I have a lot of dolls, I just opted to order a fancy dress instead. It took a while to arrive. Then again, they say that good things come to those who wait. Putting on the dress was a bit of a pain. The outfit had a lot of moving parts. I started with the under dress. I added the corsage, the ribcage and then the skirt. The...

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I did a new bjd doll photoshoot. I rummaged through my ballerina dresses. I realized that my Elizabeth had yet to sport the black swan dress. The outfit required a bit of mending. I had to tie a ribbon around her waist. This allowed for the dress to fit closely into her To compliment the red ribbon, I had her wear red socks. This gave her quite the stunning contrast of colors. I had a cute little cape. The cape had red and black elements. This helped to tie all the elements together. For a wig, I chose silver grey....

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It has been a while since I photographed my cute little dragon doll. She was made by dream valley. I asked them to make her with red wings. She normally came with grey, blue wings. I think the change suits her well. Everything looks better in red. Due to her unique anatomy, it is always difficult to find her outfits that fit her. She is small. However, she has a pretty Barbie hourglass shape. So, I have to tie the dress down with a ribbon. This allows the outfit to fit closer to her form. The outfit and wig were...

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