About Velcro

Just about everyone is familiar with Velcro. Most of their products can be found on the types of shoes that kids wear. As for me, I use Velcro to hang my paintings. It sure beats having to nail up the wall. It tends to hold as long as you keep the weight of the item in mind. If you judge it just right, you can save a lot on nails, while maintaining the quality of your dry wall. Aside from that, Velcro is also useful for making doll clothes. Almost all the doll clothes use Velcro as a type of fastener. It is for these two usages that I decided to add this brand to my site. The company itself was created in 1941. The touch fastener was invented by George de Mestral. He was a Swiss electrical engineer. While walking in the forest, he wondered why the Burdock seeds got stuck to his coat, and his dog’s fur. He studied the seeds, and eventually he refined it into something useful around 1955. The first Velcro fasteners used to be made of cotton. Eventually they were transformed  The name of the company itself is based on the French words velour and crochet. The company has continued doing its thing till this date.