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About Yarn

This is a little collection of yarn. Knitting is like a bit deal. Anyone can learn it, at any point in life. I did a little bit of knitting when I was in Middle School. The ESOL teacher instead of teaching us English she taught us how to knit. At times, I suspected that she did not speak English at all. Well, this is what one gets from Public Schools. I doubt things have gotten any better.

If you are wandering why Latino kids don’t speak English, you can blame it on failing public schools. I am not going to continue whining about school. I could easily write a 7 book series about it. If that book series was to be made into a movie series, it would have 8 parts. Hopefully, you will get the joke. Anyhow, if you like yarn and knitting, this is the collection just for you. I hope that by putting the items together, you will be able to meet your yarn needs easier.