Islamorada Tropical Flowers

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Islamorada Tropical Flowers

During my trip to Islamorada, I took a decent number of photos of tropical flowers. Some were native, others were planted by the owners of the establishments.

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Orchids seem to grow well in that location. Then again, it has been raining a lot. Rain and heat work well for orchids.

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Aside from photographing orchids, I also took care to look at other pretty plants. I always find soothing to look at flowers.

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The one thing that I do not like are bees. I have yet to be bitten by a bee. I want to avoid having that experience. I know that folks say one should try many things but getting stung by bees is something I can live without.

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All joking aside, I hope you like the photos I took of flowers. When I photograph flowers, I tend to become a bit oblivious of my surroundings.

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I am always trying to catch the best angle of the flower. I want to capture as much of their natural hues as possible.

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I am not very good at tending to flowers. I have better luck with vegetables. I try my best. My gardening projects are progressing well thanks to the rain.

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Aside from getting rid of caterpillars, the plants pretty much take care of themselves. I saw two random movies today, by the name of Bahubali.

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As of lately, mother has been into watching Hindu movies on Netflix. It is fun for those who are bored of Hollywood.

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In the film, they actually highlight when it is CGI, in order to make certain you do not worry about the animals. It is certainly something unique to see.

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I think this is enough about my rants. I hope you enjoy my flower photography. All the photos were taken in Islamorada.

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More specifically, in the Theater of the Sea. It is a great place to look at pretty flowers. I also would find it amusing if you saw some Bollywood movies.

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I personally recommend RRR. It is like XXX, but in Hindu. The action set pieces are over the top.  

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