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Today arrived my new Doll Chateau doll. She was in stock in Denver Doll Emporium. The dolly arrived pretty quickly. So, that is a plus, considering that this doll was an impulse buy. The real name of the doll is Eunice. I needed a fairy doll to add to my collection. As of lately, I have been leaning towards fantasy themed dolls. The doll came with everything, except the body blushing. Not that it matters much, since the outfit covers most of her body. The wings and the heels came painted, so that is fun. The position of the wings...

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Today is like my birthday. My family ordered these cookies for me. They all look very nice, and they are super sweet. Most of them are soft cookies. Others are hard. I prefer soft cookies because of my teeth. I do not want to needlessly wear them down. I want to avoid going to the dentist as much as possible. I wash my teeth every time I eat. There was a time I used to eat popcorn a lot. I stopped because the pieces would get stuck between my teeth. Though, between you and me, I do miss eating popcorn...

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I made a little unboxing video for my Tang Ge doll. I know folks like unboxing videos a lot. I figured I would provide. I should have made something of a video when Ashley came home. Ashley is my red head Doll Chateau doll. Tang Ge was made by Ring Doll. I ordered the doll from Dolkus. The doll was in stock, but it shipped from its native land China. Before you get a little crazy with me, remember that we don’t know anything about Ring Doll. So, don’t jump to conclusions about the life of a person that you...

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