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I recently did a little short video featuring 4 pouring paintings. Normally, I would have done 4 different videos. Since the paintings where tied by the rainbow theme, I just did the video of the stuff together. I sped up some parts in order to make the video 20 minutes long. This is about 5 minutes per pouring video. Every so often, I like to try to make pouring videos. I just got a few canvases and something to hold up my cellphone. After I did the recording, we then took care of editing the video a bit. I tried...

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It has been a bit of sometime since I reviewed a video game. I used to do game reviews back in my old website. Anyhow… the overall point is that I wanted folks to be aware of Ender Lilies. It has been a long time since I actually had fun with a video game. I had a good feeling about it, when I saw it in the store. I ended up preordering it. The game has a bit of a Hollow Knight vibe over the surface. Still, when you play the game it is its own thing. I also did...

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  This stop motion is about sleepwalking, prophecies and dreams. I featured a funny dreaming sequence and a cute sleepwalking cycle. Este video de animación te enseña por qué nunca debes despertar a un sonámbulo. Pensé que sería una idea divertida para un video. También hice una secuencia de sueños. También hice que las muñecas interpretaran el sueño.

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 This video is a parody of going back to school. I covered all the classes typically taught in US Schools. I even made fun of the Scarlet Letter.    En este video de muñecas, las muñecas regresan a la escuela. Pensé que me burlaría un poco de la escuela en este video. Principalmente hago una parodia de la escuela en los Estados Unidos.  

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The Summer has finally arrived to South Florida. I have gotten into the habit of doing a monthly report on the plants. A good portion have gone the way of the dodo. It is all a learning experience. I am still struggling with the pumpkins. I have managed to get them to bloom. All I need now is to get a single pumpkin to start growing. All I want is at least one pumpkin. If the pumpkin crop turns out to be a failure, I will plant instead bell peppers. I have a lot of bell pepper seeds. I have...

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