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It has been a bit of sometime since I reviewed a video game. I used to do game reviews back in my old website. Anyhow… the overall point is that I wanted folks to be aware of Ender Lilies. It has been a long time since I actually had fun with a video game. I had a good feeling about it, when I saw it in the store. I ended up preordering it. The game has a bit of a Hollow Knight vibe over the surface. Still, when you play the game it is its own thing. I also did...

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Sometimes, it is fun to draw something funny, even if it is not too original. This is why I did this Among US Thing From Another World parody. Among Us has a lot of similarities with the movie The Thing. I just thought both concepts would work together in a silly funny drawing. I also did a video showing you how I made the drawing. I will embed it in the blog once it is finished. I try to do such silly drawings every once in a while. I want to keep things phresh, with a ph. The Among Us...

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I just remembered a final cheating strategy. If your King and Queen look similar. Swap their locations when setting up the board. It can be an early strategic advantage. Anyhow, I was thinking of what new game related video to make. I have an affinity for more classical type of games. There is nothing classier than a game of Chess. Most players focus on proper winning strategies. Nobody mentions cheating. Cheating is a great way to get a rise out of an opponent that is always forcing you to play chess with them. I never played in a tournament situation,...

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