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About Dolls

This is a nice collection of fashion dolls. For the time being, you can find bjd dolls, barbies, lol surprise dolls and monster high. I am still getting around to adding Bratz and other cuties. If you see them in this collection, then you know that I am up to date with my product uploads.

All websites are a work in progress. One can never say, I am done. The bjd dolls are hand made ball jointed dolls. The Barbies are pretty popular in the States and elsewhere. They come in two forms. There is the Gold Label collectable Barbies, and the Barbies for toddlers. Both do look pretty neat. The LOL Surprise dolls are relatively new. They came about in 2018.

I added them to the store when they came out. I had a good feeling about them, and I was right. The toddlers find these dolls quite entertaining. I got a box set of them recently. The Monster High Dolls were recommended by friends. I can see why they are so well liked. They are all real neat. Anyhow, I hope you find this collection entertaining.