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About Journals

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I was thinking a bit of adding stuff for people to write with. It is mainly journals and the like. I suppose I should add more line paper in the future. I do have some line paper here and there. You can find it in the Office Supplies section. I have also been thinking a little bit about activity books.

The featured photos are just some of my old journals and composition books. The Composition books have some neat customization. I used to do that back when I was in Middle School. Most of them were made with gel pens. Aside from journals and composition books, I also added a couple of diaries to the section. I hope you find them useful for your writing projects.

I know that most people think that the print word is dead. Still, there is a lot of people that prefer to put down their words in the physical world. At least in the real world, internet people cannot get to them. I think this is just about it as far as journaling is concerned. I chose a good selection. They are all affordable and quite varied. I hope you find it useful for your projects.