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About Colored Pencils

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There is nothing like the feel of a proper coloring pencil. Coloring pencils come in all shapes and sizes. It is the most popular drawing medium on the market. Everyone at one point of their life has used a coloring pencil. They are first introduced to you when you are little. Your parents buy you a random store brand coloring pencil, and there you go. Once you get older, you start wandering, are there better coloring pencils? The answer to that question is yes. There are better coloring pencils out there, and this is where to find them. I collected a random assortments of coloring pencils from all over the world. You will see different brands of this valuable drawing tool. I personally have a preference for Derwent, but Derwent isn’t everything. If you have a flavor for Japanese animation, I suggest you use the Irojiten coloring pencils.

They were made by the Tombow company. If you are a fellow that worries about mother nature, Artsy Sister has pencils made from recycled wood. I also collected different types of coloring pencils. There is the artist grade pencils, and the student grade pencils. For artist grade, I suggest Tombow and Derwent. Student grade is just about everything else, for the most part. The go to in that category is Crayola. I like Crayola. Most people think that Crayola only makes crayons. They also make coloring pencils as well. So, as far as coloring pencils go. This is the place to visit. It is the Artsy Sister’s hope that you like this selection of products. They were carefully chose with an artist in mind. So, draw, draw, draw and become the talented artist you were meant to be. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and I do practice every day.