My Four Elegant Rainbow Pouring Paintings

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My Four Elegant Rainbow Pouring Paintings

I recently did a little short video featuring 4 pouring paintings. Normally, I would have done 4 different videos.

Since the paintings where tied by the rainbow theme, I just did the video of the stuff together.

I sped up some parts in order to make the video 20 minutes long. This is about 5 minutes per pouring video.

Every so often, I like to try to make pouring videos. I just got a few canvases and something to hold up my cellphone.

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After I did the recording, we then took care of editing the video a bit. I tried to find a nice music to go along with it.

At the start of each video, I did a title card telling you the technique that I used to make the video.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring painting

In no particular order, the techniques I used are Dutch, Puddle, Swipe, and Dirty Pouring techniques.

They are about the most basic pouring painting techniques you can use. I do not have a torch.

I use silicone oil to make the little bubbles. The swipe technique produces the most amount of cells per painting.

The problem is that silicone oil takes a bit of time to dry. So, it is something to consider when using it to do pouring paintings.

As before, I used like super small canvases. They look pretty big in the video.

artsy sister, puddle pouring painting, acrylic art

Due to the size of them, you can make pretty big canvas prints using a good camera. Small canvases also same money on paints.

There is a bit of a randomness element to pouring paintings. Most of the time, I do not know what the painting is going to look like till I am finished.

I think I might need to increase the flow of the paints. I tend to be like super stingy with the art supplies.

swipe pouring, acrylic painting, artsy

Instead of using a hair drier, I use a little straw to move the paint along. Straws are fun, and real common.

If it was not for my hands, you would not be able to tell the size of the painting.

Well, this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God bless.

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