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The year 2020 is almost over. It started pretty nicely, and then everything went sour. Sometimes they lift you up, in order to smack you against the floor with great speed. After January, things have been pretty hectic, and sometimes intolerable. With the staying at home nonsense, I got a couple of new books published here and there. I also started doll theater. I have been getting a little better with Doll Theater as time progresses. Some skits are good, and others are ok. It is all a matter of straying creative. I think for next year, I am going...

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This is another photo I took of my Xmas tree. I wanted to try some of the camera formats. The only color in the photo is the color read. You can see me in one of those orby ornaments. It wasn’t the best rendering now that I think about it. The orbs that had glitters ended up looking a bit odd. The other thing in red where the ribbons. This is just about it, as far as photography is concerned. Most cameras have a lot of features that people don’t use. I am also like that too. Sometimes I do...

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