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Tanabata has become of a little family tradition. Brother person got into celebrating Tanabata with his girlfriend. I ended up joining in the fun, along with my mother. For those not up to date with the fun, Tanabata is known as the Star Festival in Japan. The celestial deities Orihime and Hikoboshi are together at last. They are only allowed to meet up once per year, on the seventh day, of the seventh month of the lunar Calendar. Since the Gods are in a good mood, the folks in Japan take this chance to ask for a bunch of stuff....

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This drawing I made it for my mother. I drew myself as a little kid. Yes, that is my actual hair. It is just a super mess. I already gave up on the silly hair. Moving along, the drawing was made with markers and coloring pencils. The heart I drew it in Kawaii format. I thought it was a good idea for a Mother’s Day present. A lot of mothers like those sentimental, type of drawings. It is fun to do something like that from time to time. I am just very thankful for her support, as I try to...

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I made a new drawing. St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, and I was bored and so I made this drawing. I thought it would be a funny type of drawing. It features a Leprechaun lady. I personally do not like drawing dudes that much. I am capable of doing so, but I just don’t feel like it. In the old painting years, a person was considered a skillful painter if they rendered women well. So, there you have it. I am more skilled as an artist because I can draw women, that look like real women. The holiday in...

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The year 2020 is almost over. It started pretty nicely, and then everything went sour. Sometimes they lift you up, in order to smack you against the floor with great speed. After January, things have been pretty hectic, and sometimes intolerable. With the staying at home nonsense, I got a couple of new books published here and there. I also started doll theater. I have been getting a little better with Doll Theater as time progresses. Some skits are good, and others are ok. It is all a matter of straying creative. I think for next year, I am going...

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My brother last night asked me for some scratch paper. I did not know what it was for. We had run out of print paper, like eight months ago. We realized it till recently because we rarely use the printer. In any case, he spent the night making little Oragami cranes. This morning I went outside and saw some odd things hanging on the tree. It turns out to have been cranes with wishes. They are part of a Japanese holiday called Tanabata. My brother has a girlfriend who is into Japanese stuff. The story appeals to them because they...

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