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Last week, I made a new doll video. I worked really hard on the background. I wanted to make it about planetary magic. The background will also serve as the night scenes for the doll video. I will then change the foreground in order to take the dolls to different places. The painting was made in a project board. They are all like super cheap right now because school is closed. No kid is working on a science project right now. I bought about 4 in order to make the backgrounds for my doll videos. I spent about 10 bucks...

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I made two new Youtube videos. They chronicle my progress with the gardening nonsense and with my arty progress as well. I feel like an old fart around the edges. I wish folks would speak to me in a normal language, that I can understand. I never did bother to learn texting language. It is always people wanting me to adapt to their nonsense, but nobody has ever put an effort to accommodate me. The overall point of this rant, is that I wish folks would talk to me clearly, and with no Jargon or euphemism. Anyhow, I hope you...

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Today, I decided to do something a little bit different. This is not to say that I am running out of fine art to show you. I can paint and draw many things. For the time being, I have been focusing on my children’s book project. I don’t want to show any finished pictures from the book till it gets published. I have a real good feeling about. Anyhow, a couple of years ago, through the magic of Facebook mother got in contact again with a childhood friend. They were real tight when younger. She gave him his first terrible...

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The featured painting is relatively new. It is one of those types of paintings that is obvious to some, but confusing to others. For those not familiar with Santeria, the coconut belongs to Elegua. He is a child saint of Santeria. He is associated with Keys, and Saint Peter. There was a lot of religious syncretism in Cuba. I first became familiar with the child saint, when I was little. My grandma had a little statuette of the fellow in the form of a mountain, with a creepy face. When she blew smoke on it, it would release a sugary...

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Today, I went out a bit and got my hair done. It has been an eternity or two since I had the hair looking presentable. It is not due back for a couple of more months. The family has been seeing telenovelas a bit. The garden is looking a little bit more promising with the new sunflowers. The climbing vines, like the sunflowers were also grown from seeds. We might head out tomorrow, to see what life has in store for us, maybe. The day job thing is still a work in progress. The books are also progressing a little...

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