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Today, I wanted to show you my latest pouring painting. It was done with neon colors provided by Gencrafts. I am going to post a photo of the acrylic set I used to make the painting. I am a big fan of unconventional colors. I find it boring that paints use traditional colors. I like this set because it has Barbie pink. Getting that nice strong, pink hue is a bit of a bother to mix. So, it is convenient that this set already has the Barbie Pink color already mixed. The first thing I did was prepare my wood...

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Today, I wanted to show you this mermaid painting. I have a thing for Jellyfishes. I draw them from time to time. If I am not drawing them, I am utilizing their color palette. Anyhow, I got from Gencraft some acrylic paints. I did a demonstration video of the types of paintings that you can do with just 25 paints. This is the influencer drawing that I made to promote their paints. Above, I will post a photograph of the set I used to make this painting. Now, it is time to talk about the actual artwork. I used paper,...

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Today, I wanted to show you two self-portraits I made over the weekend. In the old days, Self Portraits was a way for artists to promote themselves and their skills. In the spirit of that tradition, I made two self-portraits. The first one I made it Van Gogh style. I have a lot of similarities with Van Gogh. I came from a big family that suddenly felt like giving me the cold shoulder. I have a Theo and a nice mother to boot. My big brother Fernando is my Theo. He has been supporting my writing and my artworks since...

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(Disability Pride Flag) Today, I got around to posting the flags I made for Disability pride month. I made three different versions of the disability flag. The other two flags are for bipolar and autism. I hope that you find my new artwork amusing and inspiring. (Disability Pride Flag) I first prepared the wooden panels by adding gesso to it. The layer of gesso had to be really thin. This allows for a smooth flow of the pouring paints. The bipolar flag is not the official flag. I just thought that it was an interesting design for it.   (Disability...

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(Cuban Pride Flag) Today, I wanted to show you my last pride month pouring arts. The videos for these pouring paintings are already up and about in my Artsysister Youtube Channel and Tiktok page. So, you can go look at how I made these pouring arts. If you are new to this blog, let me tell you how I normally make my pouring paintings. First, I add gesso to a wooden panel. I like working with a smooth surface. It helps the paint flow a lot easier. (Genderfluid Pride Flag) This helps me use up a lot less paint. It...

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