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In this video, I added two other instruments to the music. I added the guitar and a whistle. I can whistle just fine. Now, it seems like a no brainer to add it to the music of Doll Theater. The video does not have a plot per say. I am just making little peg dolls dance, and I thought it was amusing. Since the peg dolls have different colors, in the second half of the number, I started focusing on a specific color. I started with red, and then I tried other colors. I did the video on my glass...

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I was thinking of taking new doll photos. I recently made a little short video telling folks about what I like about BJD dolls. You can see it in the Youtube. Moving along, this blog focuses more on my dolly photographs. I wanted to take photos with the new backgrounds. With photos, I focus more on the angles. Stop motion is a little bit harder to manage. At least with photos, I can get a little bit creative with the character arrangement. Most dolls cannot slowly transition from one pose to another.   My Ashley is specially uncooperative. The elastics...

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I was making a new background for Doll Theater. As you know, I have about 4 project boards. In order to get more backgrounds out of them, I am now painting both sides. The outside has the rougher painting. and the inside the stuff I want to keep secured. When it came to the final project boards, I had to work on logistics. So far, I have two types of backgrounds. I have a background and a middle ground. Due to the size of the project board, I painted two scenes. There is one on the top and another on...

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Part of owning a pet, involves dealing with their health problems. Most humans never go to the doctor, unless if they are missing a limb or two. Still, they do rush to the vet when their pet sneezes or something. The main thing I joked at was the solutions that vets have to pet behavioral problems, and for issues that do not have a solution. I also poked fun at pet anti depressants. When I heard about them, it seemed like the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life. Most pet behavioral problems stem from lack of...

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Today arrived my new BJD doll. It is a little bit early for my birthday, but it works just fine for me. I was a little worried at first because she was worth an arm and a leg. It would have sucked had the package gotten stolen. Anyhow, I have been really good this year, and so my birthday came early.  The doll is called Ashley. My brother and my mother bought her for me. It was a half and half type of deal. I got her from Fabric Friends and Dolls. They are a BJD doll vendor that operates...

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