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Today, I wanted to write a little blog about my visit to Xcaret Beach. It isn’t like an official type of place. Rather, it is the beach area of the Xcaret park. You first run into a place filled with sands and chairs. This isn’t the official beach area per say. It is just a cool place to hang out. You can take photographs in the overgrown chair and hammocks. There is also a cool statue of two flamingos forming a cute little heart shape. From this area, you get a cool view of the ocean beyond.   If you...

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Today, I wanted to write about my visit to Xcaret. More specifically, I wanted to focus on my impression of the Maya Cemetery. It is odd to treat a cemetery as a tourist destination. Regardless, there you have it. I didn’t linger much in the place.   It had a creepy vibe about it. Then again, most cemeteries are rather creepy, and possibly haunted. I first visited this cemetery a few years ago. It was before the pandemic. There were a lot fewer graves. This time it seemed a little more crowded.   At night, the place looked extra spooky....

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Today, I was in the mood to reminisce about the last vacation I took. This time I wanted to blog about in specific about La Cocina Mexican restaurant. This was a buffet restaurant in the Nature park of Xcaret. The place has some good ambience and decoration.   The waiters though stoic, are efficient. Once you get your drinks, you are left to your own devices. It is up to you to get the food you want to eat. The buffet has quite the varied selection.   It has all the core ingredients for you to make the best tacos...

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Last July, I revisited Tulum with my family. On our second visit, we had more time to fool about. We arrived there pretty early in the morning. Despite the early time, it was pretty hot.   From time to time, a cloud would pass over the horizon to provide a bit of shade. The ruins looked a little bit more ruined. They were a few archeologists trying to restore some of the ruins. A hurricane had passed over Tulum recently.   It did a number on the archeological site. In spite of everything, Tulum survived more or less in one...

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Today, I wanted to write a short blog about La Fuente. La Fuente means the fountain. It is a Spanish restaurant in Barcelo. When I say Spanish, I mean from the country of Spain. The first thing I wanted to talk about was the trip to the restaurant. Since it wasn’t in the main hotel, we had to take the bus to go there. Barcelo has a bus that helps you move throughout all the resorts. So, you can make reservations in a restaurant that is not part of the section that you are staying.   Those that stay in...

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