About Sennelier

Sennelier is named after Gustave Sennelier. He was a chemist who made fine arts paint around 1887. He produced them near the Louvre. While researching pigments, he created a new way to process oil colors. He created a way to mix tones, while controlling their opacity. He was quite devoted to his work.

In time, his eye for detail won over the contemporary painters. Since the foundation of his company, a lot of masterpieces have been made using Sennelier. He is well known among traditionalist painters. For the last 130 years, this company has continued producing quality paint, with an emphasis on chemistry and experimentation. The colors are all designed to last.

IF you are itching to make a masterpiece, then Sennelier is the art brand for you. I think this is enough backstory about this brand. I just wanted to add another art supply brand as all. I hope you find Sennelier useful for art projects and whatnot. For our purposes, Sennelier has a little bit of everything, including raw pigments if you are into that sort of thing.