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This is a photo I took at night. It is a bit hard to take night photos without a tripod. I would not recommend it. I have not visited Bayside for a long time. It used to be an interesting place, but then it turned into a generic junk. This is something that is happening all over Florida. You already know how it goes. The owner of the land raises the rent, in order to get only big cooperation to roam the area. Once all the small business leave, the areas turn into everything else. Loosing all its charms. None...

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A couple of years ago I bought a new camera, a Fujifilm Finepix. It had a times 50 optical zoom power. I bought it because I wanted to take night photos without a tripod. As such, I thought that a stronger length would work. It works most of the time. Lately, it seems we live in the shaky camera era. All the movies are done with hand held cameras. The issue with that method is that people's hands tend to shake. As such I recommend knee held camera, or head held cameras. When I want to steady my camera, I...

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