About One Color

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Most people when they are buying art supplies, sometimes they just want one thing. The best example of this comes in a recent case. One of my painter friends needed Sap Green. He did not need an entire art set. I got him the Sap Green, and you can see the doll holding it.

The point of the story is that it is common for painters to want replacement of a single color. All projects use up the paints quite unevenly. Even I tend to use up certain colors before others. The color I use the most is Titanium White. The second color I use a lot is Lamp Black. The third color apparently is Orange.

I do not know why I tend to paint with orange a lot. It adds a nice glow to most paintings. It is for this and many reasons I decided to make this collection. I already have a decent number of them already. I am just going to put them on a nice section and I am going to add more to it.

I hope you find useful for your painting projects. For new ones, I am going to mainly focus on painting products. I have only seen this need more often among painters. This is part due to the expensive nature of painting. One does not run into this problem often when working with coloring pencils. Anyhow, I hope you like this photo I took.