About Strathmore

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Everything that is drawing paper can be found in Strathmore. They sell papers designed for just about all mediums. You can even buy a canvas paper. The company was founded  in 1892, in St. Patrick’s Day. The founded was Horace Moses. He opened the Mittineague paper mill in West Springfield, MA. Moses remembers that the thistles were in full bloom. He used the Thistles as the symbol of the company. They represent his ideal of producing high quality art papers. The first type of paper was designed for charcoal, followed by Bristol. The company has maintained its standard of quality for more than a century. I too used Strathmore in all my manga pages. My first manga The Furies was done using this paper to generate the line arts. Aside from paper, Strathmore also produces greeting cards. Strathmore also produces paper rolls, and paint rolls. Both are good for making huge drawings and paintings. Dimensions sometimes help something mundane look amassing. So, keep Strathmore in mind, if you have a mind to make a huge drawing.