About Sakura


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Sakura is a Japanese art supply company and innovator. It was founded in 1921. During those days, Sakura was a at the time a crayon company. In those days crayons did not mix nor overlay. They decided to create a new form of crayons, which led to the birth of Cray Pas. These days Sakura is better known for its Pigma Micron pens. The Pigma ink is the go to medium for all mangaka artists in Japan. Millions of volumes own their creations to the Pigma Micron pens. I too make use of those pens in the development of my line arts. In 1984, Sakura created the first gel based ink. This discovery earned Sakura an Inventors Award in the year 2000. Sakura has continued its innovation in the realm of ink pens. In 2004 they created the first 3-D paint, which they called Glaze and Souffle. Both can write in a variety of surfaces including Ceramics and plastics. Its American branch is found in Hayward, CA. The one in Japan is found in Osaka. Aside from crayons and pens, Sakura has some interesting products called Zentangle tiles. This artform is purely Japanese. It involves drawing symmetrical patterns in tiles. It is worth checking out if you are into Japanese culture.