About Artisul

The days when art was limited to the physical world is ever. More and more, high quality artworks are produced out of bits and pixels. This is where Artisul comes in. This company aims to translate the artist’s souls into the digital media. Computers have their own unique advantages in comparison to other artistic mediums. For starters, one does not need to buy red paint, or replacement brushes. All a digital artist needs is a drawing tablet and photoshop. The tablets of Artisul come with stylus pens and screen protectors for the tablet. Since you are drawing on the tablet, the natural oil produced by your flesh will make the screen dirty and sticky. As such, you will need a screen protector. These tablets can also handle other heavy programs, especially those used to make movies or render animations.

The parent company is called UC-Logic. It is located in Taiwan. It has developed the drawing tablets and pen technology over the last 20 years. Most of their products are made for third party businesses. However, Artisul was made solely for the UC-Logic family. The design of the tablet was made in San Francisco.