About Panpastel

 I decided to add Panpastels because of their unique design. It is simply stuck out from traditional acrylic, oil paints and watercolors. When I saw it, it reminded me a bit of those round things women use to put on makeup. I do not use makeup, so I do not know what they are called. According to the vendor, Panpastel was designed by a group of artists, for artist’s consumption. The first thing to note is that these pastels are not make up. If you put it on your face you will probably get some weird rash.  Panpastel has pastel colors in a cake like format. This allows for one to blend this dry paint for the first time. The colors can be added quickly, and they are erasable. The tools used for this medium are pretty similar to makeup kits. So, if you know how to put on makeup, you will be pretty familiarized with the workings of Panpastels. A fix can also be added to protect the paint. It can also be used with other traditional modes of painting.